The Saga Of University Of Education, Winneba (UEW)—Part I

The rot at the University of Education, Winneba, stinks from the ground to the highest heavens, and they say we should keep quiet? “Habaah”!! My upbringing has inculcated into me, respect for all, thus, whether they are older or younger than me, or be they superiors, colleagues or subordinates. However, it is very difficult, if not impossible to zip my mouth (i.e. not putting pen to paper) under circumstances in which the future of the present generation and generations yet unborn, is at stake. Please, do not get me wrong! It is not the personalities the article is painting black, but the policies those persons are pursuing, which to some extent, are inhumane!

A Committee is already looking into the affairs of UEW, which is in the right direction. It is only proper that, the Committee is given unfettered access to all the necessary documents to enable it carry out an impartial and objective work.

To this end, it is suggested that, the Deputy Finance Officer (DFO) who has been asked to act as the Finance Officer (FO) in place of the FO, who has been asked to proceed on leave, is also directed to proceed on leave. The DFO was brought to UEW from KPMG, where he and the FO were workmates prior to the FO getting the UEW job.

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It is apparent that, the DFO will cover for his paddy at all cost, since most people are afraid of the FO because of his association with satanic things such as voodoo and shrines, which are patronised by those who are not confident of themselves and lacks faith in the Almighty God/Allah! The accounts officer at UEW Ajumaku campus (Bruno), is the best neutral person to act as the FO in the interim.

The Committee in particular, needs to take a forensic look into all contracts entered into by UEW since 2012, when the outgone FO assumed office. Computers were purchased in 2014 that exploded on being plugged to the electricity mains, and the supplier was not asked to do any replacement. Projectors were fitted by a supplier at the faculty block at the north campus, which never functioned for even one day.

A Wi-Fi internet system installed and maintained by Vodafone Ghana Limited, is nothing to write home about. A huge amount of State funds is being paid to Vodafone for doing nothing. With the exception of the main administration block, where the VC and other Principals’ offices are located, and some of the Principal Officers residences, connecting to the Wifi at any other facility of UEW, is like stepping on a false ladder. A Director of I.T. Services who was recruited somewhere in February 2017, was forced to resign less than two months after taking up that role for allegedly attempting to question the Wifi contract with Vodafone.

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Students are paying astronomical increases in fees, without an improvement in services rendered by the University to students. For example, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students pay an extra Ghs 600 as training fess, and only one training programme is provided per semester, therefore, this equals two training programmes in an academic year. This is the interesting part of it.

A resource person invited for the training programme is paid Ghs 600. Each student is given a bottle of malt and one pie. Sum the malt and pie at Ghs 10 because of the procurement process. The total number of BBA students currently stands at 2,300, and this training fee payment has been on-going since the inception of the programme about 7 years ago. I leave readers to do the Maths.

Furthermore, BBA level 400 students pay an internship fee of about Ghs 250. In November 2016, when the department’s lecturers were ready to go out on the supervision, the outgone FO stopped the lecturers from the exercise. The level 400 students are 515. Their Ghs 250 has not been refunded to them. Where is that Ghs 128, 750.00? Over to you, Committee!

The 2017/18 academic year fee payment schedule has just been released, and level 400 students are to pay Ghs 2,170.00. The hall fee is Ghs 1,150.00. This is over Ghs 3,000 per student in a public university, and this figure is beside food, transportation, course materials, health, etc.

How much is the income of the ordinary Ghanaian? Is UEW a private university? Parliament has a constitutional mandate to scrutinise the proposed fees of all public tertiary institutions before they are implemented. The ordinary Ghanaian expect Parliament not to shriek its responsibility in this regard.

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To be continued!!
By: Alhassan Salifu Bawah || Lecturer & Social Commentator


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